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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gun Show and Armscor President´s Cup November 10-14 2016

I will try to make day to day report from the Gun Show and also from the Armscor President´s Cup

First day 

at the gunshow is over, a long day, there were many people and fun to greet old friends and new friends to.
I had the pleasure of meeting one of the known Filipino actor who is also a shooter  Mr. Efren Reyes and Ronald Dela "Barto" Rosa also came over, I must say he look bigger and shorter after his trip to United States
Looking forward for tomorrow

Second day
Second day at gunshow and another really long day, who has just called for a one-hour massage, then I'm ready to President's Cup tomorrow.
But a day with many people, and where the right Cheif PNP Barto came by,
Dinner at a Japanese ramen restaurant with Jessica and Jarven Li from IcarusShirts Diana Jessica and where I met my good friend from USPSA Asia Pacific Bryant BryTraining Cpra nice guy he will also shoot tomorrow

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Classictarget escaping from Denmark with his wife :)


After I have been working now since I was 8 years old and am now 55 years old and my wife can not getting any help from Denmark about her sickness with cramps in fingers and feet, we have now decided to try to get help in the Philippines. So we sold the apartment, packed in a container and  initially took 11 months off on vacation. 
Goodbye to a system that helps the wrong citizen, to a system that does not pay your money because you are not in the country at the date of payment. For a system to be thrown around and have to answer the same questions over and over again. etc etc. 

We handed our apartment on April 15 and from April 14 to April 21, we stayed at Hotel Vikoria in Copenhagen, thanks to our former employer from Frederiksberg Hallen.

This is the first time we have been at the restaurant every day for 7 days
Among other, the newly opened Jagger in Istergade, highly recommended

But also Sachi Sushi Vesterbrogade 24 is highly recommended, we have not gotten better Japanese food since we worked in Japan back in 1997-1999

Sunday, April 17 it was time to say goodbye to the family and we did that on Restaurant at Trine and Christian on Peter Bangs Vej 46, which also is recommended by 6 stars ****** They were so nice to not only get us a table but they had also done some canap├ęs and wine, I had a bottle of champagne from our wedding.
We say many many thanks to Trine and Christian to celebrate our goodbye over many other days.

April 21 At 12:30 it was time to say goodbye to Denmark we had to fly with Singapore Airlines and was still a little worried because we had too many kg.
We had well before leaving too much with us, so we had to send boxes coming in June.

But when the plane not even was half full, and we got 3 seat each so we had good place to sleep, Although there were two children running around in 11 hour as the flight was, we slept a little bit.


Here we are with our beautiful daughter Michelle

Ok I just have to tell, Lynette was so sad, because when we went tue custom service and tollgate in the airport in Copenhagen she had some Clinic, Shampoo and some other things more than 100 ml and have to leave all the things there :) and also my mosquito spray.

Well we arrive at Singapore and have to wait for little more than two hours for our daughter, who will spend 4 days with us, and we are so happy, because it few year I have not seen her, and her Mother have not seen her for many years, so she was very very excited to see her.
When see arrive it was time to find our hotel, a hotel I was not so happy about and our room was on the 14 floor, and Lynette was not happy about that when see look out of the window uhhh very hight up or long way down :)

Look the video 

Tour De Singapore

It is very hot in Singapore, so we thought to take on a little tour of Singapore. We went sightseeing bus, Our first stop was Chinatown, that was just right for the two ladies, what a lot of things they have there

We also visited a large temple, very interesting.

My Sponsor Street

When we walk around I so my Sponsor have a street here :) 

Around China Town they have some Strange kinds of food

We took the bus ahead and stopped at Marina Bay, where we are, of course, as the brand name for Singapore "lion head"
There were also taken a lot selfie photo.
We also went on a 40 min boad cruese around the harbour