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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gun Show and Armscor President´s Cup November 10-14 2016

I will try to make day to day report from the Gun Show and also from the Armscor President´s Cup

First day 

at the gunshow is over, a long day, there were many people and fun to greet old friends and new friends to.
I had the pleasure of meeting one of the known Filipino actor who is also a shooter  Mr. Efren Reyes and Ronald Dela "Barto" Rosa also came over, I must say he look bigger and shorter after his trip to United States
Looking forward for tomorrow

Second day
Second day at gunshow and another really long day, who has just called for a one-hour massage, then I'm ready to President's Cup tomorrow.
But a day with many people, and where the right Cheif PNP Barto came by,
Dinner at a Japanese ramen restaurant with Jessica and Jarven Li from IcarusShirts Diana Jessica and where I met my good friend from USPSA Asia Pacific Bryant BryTraining Cpra nice guy he will also shoot tomorrow

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