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Thursday, July 15, 2010



Second day and the last day of the prematch
I just come home from a long long and hot day, so you have to wait until tomorrow for more report, sorry but I have to wake up o5:00 am

This years Rooster Mountain is now running, and today we have the first day´s pre.match
Meeting time for all Ro for the pre.match 08:00 and first shot 09:00
And I was in a squad with the RO from Finland, Our Crono Ro Claus Madsen, and RO Christian Ditlev
Our first stage was on the 300 meter range the hot range stage 7 and 17 two short course 9 rounds.
stage 7 with 3 target, 3 popper and 2 no shot popper, start behind the wall. a cool stage.

Stage 7
We shot 9 stage today and I must say, all the rooster mountain I have been to, this one here have the most cool stage, they are really challenging stage where you have to use your brain, and fun to shot.

Me with my new shirt sponsored by ICARUS

Stage 8 was realy fun stage to shot, 13 target and 4 plates, 30 round and 150 point, target in short distance, and target on long distance, then you should run up of some wood pallets stairs and shot 2 target and on top of the stairs 4 plate and one target right down, realy fun stage. my time 34,06 28 A and 2 C.

Stage 8
Christian Ditlev and Claus Madsen on stage 2

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  1. Well done guys! sounds like good fun. Nice photos. See you all tomorrow, Eli.