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Friday, January 14, 2011

Classictarget On Tour 2011

Marts 26-27 German Area 2 Regionals, Quickborn, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
as a shooter.

June 4-5 Nordic Open Rifle Championship, Copenhagen Denmark
as a Range Master

June 11-12 Gothenburg Open - Putte Memorial, Sweden
as a IROA(not confirm)

July 23-24 Cops Cup XIX Gothenburg Sweden
as a IROA(not confirm)

July 30-31 Rooster Mountain, Denmark
as a shooter

August 13-14 Sandaknallen, Sweden
as a IROA(not confirm)

August 27-28 Eskilstuna Open Swedish Championship, Sweden
as a IROA(not confirm)

October , 2 World Shoot XVI, Greece
Hopefull as a IROA(not confirm)
The classictarget will also compete in 10 SwedenCup,Level II Match between Denmark and Sweden
And also in some local Mini match in Denmark

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