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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Classictarget will do the best to have a day to day report here on this blog site, later this year I will also have an article in issue 4 on the next IPSC WORLD Magazine.



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Icarus and classictarget was presented at this weekend's Magnus Cup, Armscor Shooting Range in Marikina Philippines

DAY 3 August 14 and the last day of the match

From left Marlon D Botte, me, Joey Naveros and Ronnie Santos 

Today it is as the last day of Magnus Cup, and I must say it was a nice day to finish, brilliant sunlight and very hot it was.
In the three days the match has been ongoing work with two NROI Joey Naveros, Ronnie Santos and IROA Marlon D Botte, and it's been really nice.

Rico Papa me and JO JO Vidanes

Again today there were many shooters who missed a popper to shoot, even if it stood right in front of them it's pretty amazing to see that so many can forget a target.
Today I had a visit from the good shooters as JO JO Vidanes which shoots open and are originally from the Philippines but now residing in the U.S.A shoot the stage in fastest time 20:35 with 26 A and 6C
Another good friend Rico Papa who shoots Modified and who also shot a good time I forgot the score but time was 20:65, I thinking, most shooter shot the stage in 30 plus.

Shooter is ready

Throughout the match, there have been 332 shooters including 9 DQ, the largest division was standard with a total of 136 shooters, Open at 72, with 71 Production, Modified, there were 15 shooters and gun with 11 shooters who were a part no show would be have 362 shooters.

Armscor Shooting Range in Marikina

Armscor Shooting Range is a not so a big shooting range, which has been there the last 12 years, a shooting range, among other things is used by Eric Grauffel when he is in the Asia, but has a shooting range well used as there are stages around the parking area, many shooters can drive straight infront of a stage, it would never happen in little Denmark: 0))
Here you have total of 12 stages one practice stage and a crono stage, and with that had a practice stage is a really good thing for the shooter, we could well use that in little Denmark.
They also make it with their NROI that they need a period to run Crono stage must work as RM at level I and II matches must be stats officers, so they get around to it all, and they can not apply for IROA if they have not been around those things, this is just the right way to do it.

 Awarding and dinner place

We were finished around 4pm and from there began a long wait before the awards ceremony came, it started at. 7pm it was perhaps just to long enough to wait, after we had waited an hour, we were called to a huge food buffet, and I can tell there was run to the buffet, all the people were very hungry,
 They had grilled a whole cow to us, so it was nice.

 Trophy table

We were finished around 4pm and from there began a long wait before the awards ceremony came, it started at. 7pm it was perhaps just to long enough to wait, after we had waited an hour, we were called to a huge food buffet, and I can tell there was run to the buffet, all the people were very hungry, they had grilled a whole cow to us, so it was nice.

Price table in the cage
  Magnus Cup as the first had a price table that I have never seen before, it was good enough large and they had been prizes for a very large amount of money, and they make it that way at all the first 5 in the divisions were called up, pulled a number and the person with highest number was allowed to go first into the cage and so it continued for one hour or one and a half, there was also a draw for 5 guns but I did not win: 0 ((
1 price Limcat Custum gun 2 price Magnus Custum pistol, 3 price STI pistol, 4 price CZ pistol, 5 price Armscor pistol / rifle, 6 price a Refrigerator price.

Winner from the left in Open Stephen Hinojales , Modified  Captain America Jerome Morales and Production Jeufro Lejano

JO JO Vidanes got second in Open and best International

My good friend Kenneth Ray Agustin 19 years old and have been shooting 12 years, first time I so Kenneth was when he was 8 years old, I follow Kenneth since, this time he got 4 place in Open, this was not Kenneth's best match, he study of lawyer and he is very busy with that, but his mom told me after 4 years the he will be free to all the shooting he like, am looking forward to it.

The whole team from Ilo Ilo got lots of trophy

Altogether it was a really good match.
Later on I will post the entire report with lots of photos on classictarget.dk here I also have video but it will only be made when I'm back in Denmark

DAY 2 August 13
Team Prince

Day 2
Saturday morning we was on the shooting range 7am as the only one, so we got some breakfast first, and at about 8:30 we were all together, I was ready for the first shooter at 9am and then it just go until 5pm only interrupted by a lunch break.

Grace Tamayo
We had a visit from my favorite lady production shooter Grace Tamayo, which I have followed since she began and it is some years ago.

I think we had about 120 shooters today, and some will also come tomorrow wish is the last day of the match.
I must say that this stage I'm working on is the stage I've ever worked on with so many shooters have forgotten 1, 2 yes up to 3 targets or steel they forgot to shoot at.

Not so much to tell it's been a long day again, it started with a great rainy weather, but after about 30 minutes, it was brilliant sunlight the rest of the day.

Later in the day and for the first time for me we got money for work on this match where I got 1000 pesos around 125 kr and a cool bag a tshirt and an umbrella sponsored by Magnus.
We were home after a short stop with a RO friend at 9:30 pm and now it is to relax and be ready for the final day tomorrow

DAY 1 August 12

The main reason that am here in the Philippines this time is because am here to made my teeth, I should have made 9 tooth crowns.
But suddenly there came out of nowhere a level III match her, and why not take the 3 points with me home.
The match is held from August 12 to August 14.

But first I had to figure out how to come to Marikina where Magnus Cup is held on Armscor Shooting Range
So I went out there yesterday Thursday along with my daughter, it must be said that I live fairly far away from the range, so first we should take the bus in about 45 minutes, then we took a bus for about 30 minutes after that then a  jeepney a kind of Philippino mini bus It took just over an hour, and while we were in this jeebney it started raining but not just the rain, no it poured down with rain, and with thunderstorm but after long drive we find the range.

My stage was Stage 12 a good long course of 32 rounds, 12 target, 5 popper 3 plate. a stage with lots of options.

Here they had built 12 real good challenge stage with lots of options, I quickly got met a lot of people I've met before, so it was very nice, and here I also met my godfather who has been NROI.

RO Ronnie Carlos

They already started the RO pre-match, so I also got hold of my timer and run a squad.
Well after a few hours it was time to take the long way home.
It was now time for the first main match day and I left home at 05:30 am and arrived at 08:30 after another long long drive, but no rain.

 MR. Captain America Facebook Jerome Jay Morales

The fact is here in the Philippines where there is a level III match, it also means a match with a lot of shooter , but it also means something completely different work as RO, partly because the RO must fill score sheet, with shooter names and number, and secondly it also means here is no such thing as squad, here comes the shooters to your stage when they want to shoot, so if they do not want to shoot it today so they will probably shoot it tomorrow, it also means there is no time schedule, so it's some long days, but you know when you volunteer as RO, so it's fine with me.
I was then also possible to meet some old shooting friends again, here among others. Mary Grace Tan and the whole True Weight team, my good young junior friend who I know since he was 9 years Kenneth Augustin a junior open shooter, but also MR. Captain America Facebook Jerome Jay Morales and Jojo Vidanes were there

  90-year-old actor named Eddie Garcia still shooting

But I also had the great opportunity to meet the 90-year-old actor named Eddie Garcia
as with regret could not shoot finished the course of fire, when his open-gun would not what he wanted, and I took his gun and help him out with a malfunction.

Mary Grace Tan

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