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Friday, July 27, 2012



Sunday last match day

Stage 3
After a good night's sleep, it was now time for the last match day
We started at stage 3, a medium course with 10 targets, two poppers and two very small plates, 24 rounds. A really good and challenging stage with medium and long targets.

Me on stage 3 Photo by Norah.dk
The only big mistake at this stage I will say for the whole match was starting position at this stage.
Lying anywhere on the stomach. looking down on the ground, hands are on the butt, gun loaded and placed on the mark in front of you, all in the squad think it was a completely ridiculous starting position. Mikael Östling from Sweden got a very nice and quick time 26:30 and got the stage win, so did Emile Obriot in Open, my time here was 40:62 18A, 5 C and 1 D.

Thieery Obriot on Stage 4

Time for the second hot range stage 4 and 14, first stage 4
En short course med 5 targets and a very small plate again, 11 rounds
Gun unloaded placed on any of the two tables, magazine on the other tables, you could take four target and the small plate from the left and a target from the right side from here you could also see two of the other target and the plate, and here we discussed whether it could pay off to take it all from the right and the last target take two delta, Instead of going to the left and save a second
but it ended up that we went left and then right.
I got a stage win in senior time 11:43 10A and 1 C

Emile Obriot on stage 14
Stage 14 was a weak hand stage, 9 targets 9 rounds
gun loaded placed on table, hands in surrender position
on signal grab a water tank and you  should keep the water tank in the strong hand during the entire shooting, my good Swedish friend Joakim Wallin got unfortunately 9 procedural penalty since Ro told he supported the tank on his legs, and he didn't do that, it was not a very big RO mistake , Joakim had unfortunately signed his score sheet and it did not help to talk to RM. and we know why :0((
Stage 5 Norah.dk
Stage 5 a long medium course 11 targets, a popper and a mini popper, 24 rounds
a really challenging stage since it could be shot in several ways, here the top shooter also discussed whether it would pay off to run all the way out to right and take a target 15 -20 meter away, because when you came into the stage after kicked the door down, you could take the target which was now covered with a metal hard cover so you could only see a small part of the A zone.
Eli Huttner was the first one to run in and take the target, but it cost him time because the shots went into the wood box and he had to shoot 2-3 extra shots
Emile had the fastest in open time of 19:33 14 A 6 C and 4 D
Stage winner in the Open was Saul Kirsch with a time of 20:62 and 18 A and 6 C
This stage cost me second place in senior I got 5 misses :0((

Emile on Stage 6
After lunch it was time for the third hot range, stage 6 and 15
Stage six á short course with 5 targets a small plate and a mini popper incl 2 swinger, 12 rounds
Started in the middle, out to far right for a target, toward the left where first there was a close up target, out to the left with a target, a popper, plate and the last two swinger, on the close up target I got trigger freeze but finish 14:25 and 8 A and 6 C

Stage 15
Stage 15,  5 target and a popper
Stage reminded me of a stage we had problems in Gothenburg a few years ago and ente with an arbitration, and a call to the vice president for IROA
Because when you shot the popper, it will release a  wooden board that covered two target that you could shoot before release the popper, and because you had all the time to shoot the two target before you took the popper, thats way its not a disappearing target :0))
Yes, here we also discussed whether to take the popper first then the two target there now will being covered the  left target, and end of the two top target has been hidden.
I should have taken it just the way Ralf did it, the left target, the first lower target, popper, and the other lower target, and end up with the to top target
I shot the first left-target, the two lower target, popperen, but waited to board fell down so I could finish in the top two target, they cost me 2 seconds, I finish with the time 8:14 9 A and 2 C

Stage 7
The two final stage is soon over and it was also two hot range stage 7 and 17
Stage 7 short course 6 target and 12 rounds. 4 target at long distance, up a small hill to a target and then a sprint of 10 - 12 meters for the last target.

Stage 17 popper stage

Stage 17 short course, 3 targets and 6 poppers
Gun loaded with empty chamber and holsterde, starting anywhere
All started from the left side with two target and during movement the 6 poppers and ended with the last target to the right.
On this stage Emile Obriot got a incredible time 5:85 and stage winner, to see Emile shoot and how fast he is, is a pleasure to see.

Squad 8 Norah.dk

The total Match report will come on classictarget.dk very soon incl winner 

Saturday First match day

I woke up at 5 am to a huge thunderstorm and rain, and thought it will be a long day in very wet weather.
First shot was at 9am and the weather was sunny and very warm. :0))
We started on stage eight á medium course with 24 rounds. 11 target including a swinger and a drop-swinger, and 2 target at 40 meters, a stage where the positions were hard to get into and I started my first stage with á miss. I shot it on 36:10 12 A 6 C 5 D and 1 miss

Saul Kirsch here on stage 9
We continued up the 300 meter range for stage 9, a short course with 12 rounds, 5 target 1 plate, 1 popper including a disappearing target, a stage I went through with Michael Östling yesterday and had dreamed the whole night, we ente out to drop the bonus target, it would take too long to go after it.

Eli Huttner here on stage 10

Cross Stage 9 was Stage 10 it was á medium course with 11 target and 2 small plate, 2 of the target was behind the steel hardcover
Here you could choose to take the whole thing almost from the top or run down and take some target, a good stage which I shot at 25:88 with 6C I got a stage win in Senior

Stage 11 big long course

We continue now to stage 11
which was a very big long long course with 15 targets
There were targets all over the stage , one you could start anywhere
Many shooters started from the left with long targets and ran forward, I started from the left and ran clockwise and it turned out to be a good idea, my time was 36:11 with 24 A, 5 C and 1 D
Our Champ Ralf told me it was a good run :0))
I got a stage win in Senior

Ralk K Jensen on stage 16
After stage 11 and our lunch we went down to our first hot range
Stage 12 and 16 first stage 12 with 4 targes and 3 plate 11 rounds
The gun loaded and lying flat 3 feet in front of you, standing back relaxed
then you could choose to shoot it all from prone position, or as I first left and take 2 target and then to the left and take the rest, this turn out for me to be a mistake it was quicker to take it all lying down.
my time here was 19:70 9 A and 2 C

Emil Obriot, Saul Kirsch and Ralf Jensen from STI Team

I had some really good days with super squad and the good shooters from the STI Team.
Continued now for stage 16 short course with 6 targets and 12 rounds
an speed stage with 3 target and no-shoot 5 meters in front of you through an opening, full speed down and the last 3 target.
Not a good stage for me my time here was 14:31 with 6A, 5C 1 D and 1 No shoot
Ralf a stage winner in Standard time 8:18 with 3 C
Saul in open time 6:80 with only 1C

Emile Obriot on stage 13

Stage 13 was also a sprint stage
11 targets 1 popper and 1 mini popper 24 rounds
unloaded and holster here you took 2 steps back while loading your gun, shot mini popper 25 meter away then 1 swinger in front of you and a target right to your left, ran and shot 3 close up target, and full speed down the stage with 3 close up target to the right and left, stopped at the end with 2 target and a popper 30 meter away maybe longer.
But just before the start after a day of sun and heat, I can say that the rain came and there was much rain, we had to take a little break before we could resume shooting
I realy like those speed run stage, but to see Emile, Saul, Eli and Ralf doing this I fill very old hihi
My time here was 27:26 with 16 A , 7 C and 1 D
Again Ralf stage win 19:41and Emile with 17:26
Me and Claus Henneberg on ATV Photo by Norah.dk
Then we have to walk all the way down to stage 1, but very nice of Claus to ask if he could drive a Senior shooter to the stage and it was a nice drive.

Bengt Bäckström on stage 1

Stage 1 medium course 12 targets and 24 rounds
Startpositon in front of the two openings.
There were 2 target in the top and 2 in the lower one
The last 2 target with no shoot at the end of the pole was not so easy when you were in a difficult position for a reach them.
But a realy good stage again running speed.
you had the target on the left and right down the stage, my mistake was that I first went left then right and then left, instead of going once left and once right I could save one transition

Stage 2

Last stage of today a long course 
Last stage of day long course with 28 targets and 4 pops 32 rounds because there was only one shot at each target.
Start position loaded and holstered, on the first two blue barrels, you could choose to put one magazine in each barrel and on the last barrel you could put the rest of your magazines
This stage was pretty funny stage especially to see the open shooters when they had to change magazine try to grab their magazine from the mag holder and forgot they were in the barrel.
A standard shooters lost his magazine in the sand, picked it up and tried to shoot rest of the target, but a gun full of sand never works unless it's a Glock

I shot it ok until the last two swinger and got a miss in each swinger :0((

Lenka Horejsi here in stage 2
Eli Huttner stage 2
Friday July 27

200 meter range

I was up at the Rooster Mountain to register for the match tomorrow
weather was very sunny and 27 degrees
was around and look at the stages and there is something to look forward to, it seems that most are quite technical and challenging stages

200 meter range

Here on the 200 meter range, there are 2 hot range and stage 8 where my squad 8 starts tomorrow Saturday at 08:45 am
I'm on the super squad with among others Saul Kirsch, Eli Huttner, Emil and Thierry Obriot, Lanka Horejsi, Ralf Jensen, Mikael Östling.

A couple of nice harley davidson passed by, owned by our super seniors John Westgaard and his wife lotte.

Follow the classictarget´s report from the match from tomorrow and Sunday

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