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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Europian Handgun Championship 2010 in Serbia

I will from this Saturday start my day to day report from Europian Handgun Championship 2010 in Serbia
Classictarget will be in Serbia from September 4th to 19th

Classictarget is shooting the EHC 2010 with DDA New Race Master Holster

Go down on the page and you will find each day report

Day 1-7 ready

All stage here

Squad list here

Day 1 September 4

Roger Madiou and Maya on the welcome dick at the airport

Today I left Denmark for the EHC 2010 Belgrade in Serbia.

My friends Jesper Slaarup picks me up 10am bring me to the airport.
I check in my gun and continue to the security where they have to check the gun and ammo, and for the first time they don’t ask on how many kg of ammo I have, but they want to check and look on each bullet and they count 500 round wish is more than 6 kg ummm. Anyway everything was ok except one of the security man who told me after he look at my nice STI gun it look like a nøjhousen WHAT me and Jesper look at him and told him that’s the same when you see a Ferrari and tell its look like a VW Volkswagen :0((
Well I left Denmark and arrive in Serbia around 3pm went to the welcome disk, then to the police, then to the security then pay 15 euro for the gun, and I meet my friend Roger Madiou from the USA, last time we work together was in Bali for the world shoot, so it was nice to se him again,we went together to our Hotel holiday inn, check in went to my room, and find out I forgot my wallet with all my money in the van, they found it and bring it back to me after few hours.
So now we will go out and eat, then I will go to sleep early, and see what happend tomorrow.

Day 2 September 5
Me and my body

Last night I also met Silvia Poulo and we went out for a nice dinner together with Roger, we eat in a nice restaurant sitting outside and it was on a little stone street with lots of restaurant with live music very nice, we all order tomato soup, and for main course I order Osse Buco its was very nice, but it have not seen a legs of a cow , after dinner we took a long walk on a nice working street and inside of a park, then a taxi back to the hotel.
I wake up early this morning 6am I could not sleep more, 7:30 we had breakfast also together with Ronny Bergstrom from Sweden, Ronny are on stick after a accident.
After breakfast RM Milan came and he bring us to the shooting range, where we check out the very nice beautiful stage, the theme of this match is battle of the knight so there are lots of nice props, horse, ax, boat, ect ect very nice.
After that Milan stage on the range so I barrow is GPRS and we find our way back to the hotel, another way but we find the hotel.
Then we went out for lunch, not so far from hotel around 10 min work we have to work slowly because of Ronny´s, feet.
After that back to hotel where more RO arrive, Jürgen Tegge, Bernd from Germany, Georges Theriault, from Canada, James Venmore from South Africa, James was my area CRO on world shoot in Bali so I hope I can work with him again.
And tonight we went out eating on a nice restaurant, now back on the hotel and Big gee and his son Bjørn Gregnert just arrive, more tomorrow.

RM Milan, Silvia, Roger and Ronny bad feet

Day 3 September 6

Me, Adri de Bot, Cees, JJ, Barry and Peter Schouwink 

Today I wake up 5:38am and could not sleep anymore even I try, well i got my breakfast 8:30 and 10 am all
RO took the bus to the shooting range, were we got our id card, and my card sure am from Italy umm, i have to change it.
After that we went true all the stage and as i told before they put lots of work into this match , the stage is really cool and nice, after we check out the stage, we wait for 3 hours before we could get lunch.

From one of the stage handcuffs

After lunch we start up the registration and gun check, I work with the gun check and I work with Cees van Diepen at the production check, there were not so many shooters today, we finish 5pm and then we wait for another few hours, but all the other RO yes including me have been waiting with no information for the whole day , that really not the way to handle IROA let us wait for 8 hours with no information at all, so that’s the first and hopeful the last bad smiley from me.
Berry Pollad ready to get his head off

The President from IROA Dina came and gave us the buckle, and we got the answer of who got the job as Area CRO and flooded RO and am one of the flooder.
We came back to the hotel 8pm, strait into the restaurant for a dinner, tomorrow we have to be out on the range for gun check 7:45am till 12pm.

Day 4 September 7

Cees, Adria, Peter, Philippe, Jean Francois, George and me

Today Tuesday we was supposed to be pick up 7:45 am for the registration and the gun check, but again we have to wait and wait and 9am the RM came to pick us up, umm
I was again today at the production check together with Cees, we had 2 glock 17 shooter there in first place did not make the trigger pull, so they change a spring and then they was ready to go, one shooter also glock did not make it, so he went to standard, one shooter have to see the gun smith to fix his gun before it go down in the box.

We finish the gun check 12:30pm and went home to change dress and went out for a lunch, then we went for a tour in the old town and so the Kalemegdan fortness,
Kalemegdan fortness

and the park with lots of old canon, tanks, torpedoes and so on, very nice to see, after few hours long work we took a coffee stop, the a taxi home.
Me and my brothers

Then make ready for tomorrow´s first pre – match day out of three.
Me on stage 8, nice horse

Day 5 September 8

First day of the Pre match Bus left hotel 8am, and we arrive on the range 8:30 am, when we arrive again no information, later on we find the squad schedule and by surprise me and Mark weisinger name was not on the list, we should me on squad 64 started on stage 4, but when I arrive on the stage, no score sheet, so I have to walk a long way back to get a spare score sheet, and I find rest of my score sheet on stage 3, :0(
Roger Madiou on stage 13, with Jürgen Tegge

We shot 10 stages today, and have to do 10 more tomorrow and finish Friday with 4 stages. So stage 4 was a long course, 14 targets, 2 poppers and 2 plate, 32 rounds. And I was the first shooter and fuck that stage up with jam on my gun, I find out later it´s my magazine, ummm. Well it was not better on stage 6 with 7 target and 2 popper, one of the target was a slider, and 1 swinger with two target, I got 4 miss on the swinger, :0(
  Irene Canetta from Italy on stage 6 with Bernd IROA from Germany

Then I did the other stage ok until stage 13 Medium courses with 16 rounds with one slider and 3 miss, I total end up with 9miss it’s the first time for a long time I end up with so many miss, so better be more ready and stay more focus for tomorrow.
Mark Weisinger on stage 4

Stage is nice to shoot only small issue has to been done before the main match. Today was also the president day, Nick Alexakos Ipsc President, President for IROA Dino Evangelinos, and Mr., Global Village Vince Pinto; I had a talk with Dino to design a new IROA all year around jacket.
Tim Andersen, Ipsc President Nick Alexakos and Vince Pinto, Tims magazine is to long :0)

I also looked at Dino shooting stage 11, and here you will se him Stage 11, 6 target and 4 poppers 16 rounds stage, Gun on one barrel and magazine on the other barrel.

Listen to Dino on the last part, I don’t know if he run out of ammo and need more ammo

Day 6 September 9

Me so happy with the ne DDA Race Master Holster

Again today bus leave 8am form the hotel and 9am we started on stage 14 a short course with 3 ipsc target, 2 mini popper and one plate, you have to pull a sword up from a stone. And shoot.
We had to shoot 10 stage today and we did and we was in good time, shot 5 stage and went for lunch and went back again and shot 5 stage, every think was going well until we came to stage 19 a medium course of 16 rounds and 3 mini popper started holding the ax with both hands, on signal FOFS.

Roger Madiou fills like back in the USA as policeman with realy handcuffs
I shot the first 4 target, turn to the left site and shot one target, I was little to fast and find out I got a miss, I run back and jump into the RO and got a reshot, he told me later I should been DQ for breaking the 90 * but I did not break it.
Then we come to stage 22 a short course 9 round stage with 2 target and 5 popper, laying on you back on the bed, strong hand is tied to the bed, gun loaded on table, on signal FOFS.
Stage 22 and bed time

But but, I was told it’s a weak hand shooting, I ask was its say on the briefing, because the RO say when shooting I cannot use my shooting hand to support on the window frame, and I told it doesn’t say so in the briefing, and he told me for the second time also yesterday on another stage, if I tell it is so then the shooter have to follow my order, and I told him he cannot make his own rules, only the RM can change the briefing , so call the President of IROA and the RM Milan about the problem, and I was right, FOFS then you can do whatever you want.

Some of all the stage

Well my shooting today was ok but also today I got some miss, those swinger down here is very fast, I really have to work with swinger when I come back home, ELI do you listen me :0))
Tim Andersen ready for chopping some target with the ax

Eli Huttner from DDA came and saw me on the stage, and later we went out for a nice dinner together with Mark Weisinger, and now its time for sleep and ready for the last 4 stage tomorrow.

Day 7 September 10

Stage 23 an ocean full of water and a boat flooding

Should take the bus 7:35 but miss it, so me, JJ and one other shooter drive together with the RD from Polen Stanisław Kwiecień to the range, but it was ok to be a little late.

Stage 20

But after last night thunderstorm and heavy rain the one shooting area with stage 19 to 24 is flooding with , I tell you I never seen stage like this, we had to start on stage 24 but we have to wait until tomorrow, they have to call the fire department to pump up all the water, so we started on stage 1 a small short course stage with 2 target and 5 mini popper, start holding a shield in your weak hand, so you could only shoot the stage with your strong hand, I shoot it in 13, 72 with 6 A, 2 C and 1 D, slow time but ok.
Me shooting with the CZ open gun

Stage 2 was a medium course, start holding a bow and arrow in your hand, the stage had 8 target and the stage had some opportunities to shoot it, I choose from left to right, 2 target, then 5 target and last 1 target. 16, 82, 9A , 5 C and 2 D.
The last stage of today was a fuc… swinger stage again seated on chair weak hand holding the jug and strong hand holding the mug, gun unloaded and holstered, 2 target, 1 popper realize two swinger, 9 rounds, I got a miss :0((
Fabrizio Pesce on stage 2

After this 3 stages we had to wait for one hour to see if we had the change to shoot stage 24 , but no have to wait until tomorrow.

Adnaan handle over the gun to James and RO Chrissie

For the match Adnaan Jacobs and James Venmore borrowed an open gun from RM Milan and CZ but using a new gun which is unfamiliar is sometimes not the best idea and they had some problems during the match, sad to see.
I had lunch and after lunch I went to the gun check place to help, and was finish 5:30 pm

They offer free shipping and when you pay cash you will get 5% of only for this match EHC 2010

Eli from DDA who have a stand on EHC 2010 pick me up and bring me to the hotel, did a shower and the we went out for dinner together with the RO from Nederland.
Have to be on the range tomorrow 8am to do gun check and 1pm shoot stage 24, then back to gun check and tomorrow evening we will have RO night.

Fabrizio Pesce on stage 2

Oh yaa I forgot the squad list is online now

Day 8 September 11

Equipment check staff

Today I also work with the equipment check and I we did around 400 shooter, some of them did not pass the first test of standard and have to modify their guns so it could fit the box.

The dream team from Philippines True Waight

Today we got shooter from Sweden and some from Denmark also and Saul Kirsh from Double Alpha came together with Eli Huttner, we make joke to Saul when we check his long magazine and told him it was to long, we was laughing.
Also my dream team from the Philippines came the team from True Waight with the team boss Ronald Tan and his daughter Mary Grace Tan shooting open.
Eli Huttner and Saul Kirsh from DDA 

We did the check from 9am until 6pm then we had the RO party with a nice grill, lots of nice meat, but also tapas it was very nice food, then we got our new IROA shirt and pants from 511, I looking forward to see how the shirt is, I will see by tomorrow when we will have the opening ceremony.
RO Party

From the stage view all stage is ok, the water from stage 19 to 24 is gone.
I had to shoot stage 24, a short course minimum rounds 9 rounds, 4 target and one plate, when hit the plate pop up target came, and I fu…. Forgot that target, so this have not been my match so fare.

Day 9 September 12

Me and the President for IROA Dino Evangelinos
Last day of the equipment check, we arrive 8:20am on the range and when we came, there was already a big line of shooter waiting, and we had the check nonstop until pass lunch time around 12:30pm.

Shooter try to fix their gun becouse it did not pass the first test
And today we had lots of shooter there was cheated about their safety, lots of hammer fall, magazine to long for open shooter, standard gun there don’t fit the box, and many other thinks, and we send them away to fix their guns and come back when the gun is ready.
We finish 2pm and then we had RO briefing where all the RO got their stages.
Im a flooder so I will be working on stage 9 Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday stage 21
Both long course.
After the briefing we had a big group photo

RO group Photo
Then we went to the Opening Ceremony on Kalemegdan fortness very nice place, we just had to wait for 30-45 minutes before it start, all country was line up with their country flag, the NROI and IROA was all in the back, and when it was our turn to walk in, when we walk site of the VIP people, the President of IPSC and the President of IROA we all took our cap off, and I so in the eyes of our president he really like that.

The Danish shooter

Me and my best shooting friends from True Weight from Philippines
Then there was a speech from The IPSC President Nick Alexakos who wish us all a crisp trigger and clear front sight.

Me and the IROA flag :0)
Then there were three parachutists came down from heaven with flags, and now the EHC 2010 is open.

Parachute with the IPSC flag
After the Opening Ceremony was finish we went back to the range, to check out the stage and the start position, so everything is set for the first match day.

I will have free on the first match day and will be working on stage 9 Tuesday and Wednesday and stage 21Tuesday and Friday.

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