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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Europian Handgun Championship 2010 in Serbia Shoot-off and Award night


The stage with 1 plate, 5 popper, 2 mimi popper and one stop plate on each site

Today was the real final of the match and it was the day of the shoot-off
It was my first time to watch a shoot-off, many of the RO told me they don´t want to go it´s so boring but I took the change, I took the bus from hotel together with Mark mini me Weisinger ( sorry don´t Call him that ) and JJ and few other RO

Many people looked at the shoot-off

The shoot-off took place on stage 10 ore 11 i don´t remember, and it was the first day with cloud and little rain and it was cold.

Rain and cold

It took around 4½ hours with all division so it was a long time and yes it was boring until the standard with our Danish champ Ralf Jensen and other good shooter came on
Ralf K. Jensen
And in open division with Emil Obriot, Martin Kamenicek, Lars Toni Skoog and Eric Grauffel.
And Of course Eric was the big winner in Open and in Standard from Spain Juan Carlos Jami

Eric Grauffel

We took the bus back again to hotel 3pm, and had some relaxing hours before the awarding night.

 Saul Kirsh

Rasmus Gyllenberg

The award

The awarding Night took place just next door, so it was very easy for us. It was a big room with lots of big round table.

Cees, Peter and Adrie
The food was ok but not more than that.
They gave out lots of price also to all division and category but they forgot to give the price for modifier division team, so Alain Juli have to go up after almost all left the party to give out the last price ummm.

IPSC president Nick Alexakos

STI did a good job on this match they had the winner in standard division to Spain also winner in shoot-off and second place and second silver medal for our Danish Camp Ralf K. Jensen congratulation to STI, and of course to rest of the winner.
Juan Carlos Jami, Ralf K. Jensen, Dave and Pauletta Skinner

I did not expect anything and I did not get anything but when I look on the Award list under C class my name came up second after James Harries, I don’t know way that was on list and I forgot to ask.

Laidy Production team
Now it’s time to go home and look back on this and my first EM match and see what good and what was bad, and when I find out I will have story, video and lots of photo on http://www.classictarget.dk/

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