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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 2 and the first day of the main match

Today was the first day of the mainmatch.
Wake up 6am, and was on the range 8am, short RO breafing, and first shot startet 9am.
I was Area CRO from stage 1 to 5, Gert Area CRO from stage 6 to 9 and Steen from stage 10 to stage 12.
Today was the weather a little better, but cold it start a little rain around 4pm.
There is 11 squad with 10 to 12 shooter pr squad.
The stage is really cool this year, only one stage become a small problem and its a stage with disappearing target, but it will go to the abitration commitee, so we have to see what happend, its about if its a disappearing ore not, you start in a box you have 4 target wich are visible from the start and 4 target wich a not vivible and 1 popper.
You have all the time to shot the first 4 target, then you shot the popper and a noshoot barrier will fall down and those target will disappear and the other 4 target will appear. ummmm. rule 9.9.3.
Well they shot 4 stage then lunch and 3 stage and finish.
I had one DQ today on my area magazine in safety area.
Then some small problem with the wall and plate becouse of the strong wind.
When we finish we went to the same restaurant as yesterday got a very nice steak.
So ready for the last day tomorrow.

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