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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The last day

Last day Sunday of the match

And it should turn out to be one hard day for all the IROA guys and the Arbitration Committee, but more later.
We was on the range 8am and first shot 9am, also today I was on area 1 from stage 1 to 5.
We had 4 squad today on each stage; it started again with a small rain but only for 30 minutes
It turn out we was a little short of helper on stage 5 so I had to help one of the new hopefully upcoming RO Mikael Östling.
Yesterday we had all the Danish shooter with Lars Hagemann, Jack Rømer, Peter Davis, Christian Ditlev and few more,
On this match there is shooter from Norway, Finland, and Denmark and of course from Sweden but also one shooter from Germany turn up.
We finish early around 12:30 pm. And the price ceremony started around 2pm.

Lars become second in Production his best place in NM after Rasmus Gyllenberg , Rasmus getting better and better, I really looking forward to see him shoot in the European Championship.

The best Danish shooter in standard was Peter Schieck end up in 7th place.

My IROA friend Gert Hansen got a second place in Production as senior

As I told before we had some problem about stage 1, and I turn out to be a big job for the Arbitration Committee and for us IROA.
I cannot write so much about it here because some people will take it further. But we have to pull out the stage in the end.
I will say thanks to all the RO and helper in Area 1 from stage 1 to stage 5
Thanks to MD Bjarne Larning, to RM Olle, stats and Robert Andersson.

I really enjoin all the stage, even my own performance was not that good on this match, my second stage my gun would not work with me, so I had to take it apart, then I have to many miss, I end up with 57,33 %

And final can I tell this was my IROA point match number.

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