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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gothenburg Open 2010 Putte Memorial

Live update day to day RO report
Day 1 Friday June 11

Gert and I left Copenhagen 5am and took the boat to Sweden 6am.
265 km later we arrive in Gothenborg 8:30am
After we arrive we took a look on the 12 stage to see if we have to change something, but only small change have to be make, then we was ready to start the prematch 10 am.
Gert and I was on the same squad togheter with 6 shooter from Sweden.
My performance today was not so good, I screw up in stage 8 with 6 plate and when my gun did not work with me and that cost me lot of time, and on the other stage a few miss, but I think my time was ok I had lot of speed, more than normal so thats good.
We shot 6 stage then we went to burkerking for lunch, then we start up again 4pm for the last 6 stage, and i was raining like hell today, so we was finish like 7:30pm.
And after talking to the MD Bjarne Larning, time to go homne to our hotel and change for dinner together with one more IROA from Denmark our RM Steen Nitschke, we went to a nice plase and got a really nice dinner, and now its time to sleep, we have to wake up 6am and be on the rage 8am.

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